Real Folk Matter

Here at Real Folk, we get to meet real people every day and have the privilege to hear real stories way beyond the grasp of reality. In honour of this privilege, we have set up Real Folk Matter to help people who are less privileged than ourselves. Each year we champion a story where we feel we can make a difference in that person's life. In the process, we will document it and share the story with you. 


Our first story that we're championing is a story about Skip. Skip is 55 years of age and has been diagnosed with MS. After 25 years of dedicated service to John Lewis, he was recently made redundant. Single and living alone, Skip's redundancy has hit him hard.  The realisation that he may never work again and instead slowly succumb to the fate of this deadly disease - Skip has descended into a state of depression.


As his world slowly caves in so does his surroundings and the house in which he lives. Barely able to walk or talk Skip struggles to care for himself and maintain friendships. Alone and in a house in need of repair, Real Folk have offered to get their hands mucky by starting this summer to raise money to help create a serene and peaceful space in which he can live.


If you would like to get involved and help please email us at