About Real Folk

"Real people, real stories

that's what makes

REAL FOLK tick!"

REAL FOLK is a boutique casting company specialising in finding real people with real stories for TV and brands.  Founded by casting producer Kelley Ralph, Real Folk believes everybody has a story to tell and it's our responsibility to tell it.
Unlike other casting companies, Real Folk's core team is made up of casting researchers and casting producers with a background in TV and casting real people for a range of genres including factual, entertainment, reality and documentaries. 
This TV sensibility and experience gives our team the ability to dig and unearth the real hidden gems in all human stories. 
SO HOW CAN WE HELP? Casting can be a laborious job, but here at Real Folk we aim to make the job a little bit easier so why don't you let us help you with the following: casting contributors, gaining access, research, story producing and development, contacting groups or organisations, street casting, Skype/Facetime interviews, setting up recces or shoots, contacting and sourcing locations, organising and conducting master interviews, shooting and editing recce tapes, fact-checking, conducting background checks and psych tests or even the job of creating powerpoint or keynote for casting briefs.
Whatever the job we're here to help just email us at info@realfolk.co.uk